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Consulting, Coaching and Mentoring

with a difference 


Who is Eight Consulting and Coaching?

Eight Consulting and Coaching was founded by me, Sarah Makinde. I am an HR and Wellbeing Psychologist with a wealth of knowledge, experience and expertise to help you get results - I pride myself on my dedication to deliver over and above what’s expected.


All my solutions are only implemented in consultation with you to understand where you are now, what are the gaps and where would you like to be. I see our relationship as a partnership, transforming wellbeing both now and in the future.

I am keen to develop solutions that are aligned to where you want to get to; achieving the best results for you and your people, whilst also helping ensure that you have the systems and processes in place to help sustain the results for the future.

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Eight Butterfly.png

What does the Eight brand represent?

Simplicity is key. Whilst there is a lot of science behind what I do, I like to keep the solutions clear, simple and effective. This is reflective of my brand.

The Eight Brand represents my journey  with my own personal growth and my passion to support businesses and individuals to transform and flourish.

Our name: The number eight is well-known to signify new beginnings. Through the services we deliver this could be increased self-confidence, inner strength or self-belief, systems, processes, procedures and policies.

Our logo: Around the world the butterfly represents endurance and change. This is reflective of my ethos to deliver lasting solutions; changing the world of work one project at a time.

Put this altogether and you get the ‘Eight’ brand.


Why Eight Consulting and Coaching?

My broad experience and specialist knowledge are representative of how I work as a business. I take a 360-approach when working with my clients, with wellness being at the centre of everything I do. 


My methods are kept simple and are always evidence based, which means it is not only effective, but also thorough and easy to understand.




  • Operating with integrity

  • Honest, professional and in line with the current legislation, regulations and ethical code of conduct


  • Think forward ethos

  • Helping businesses future proof themselves and their teams

  • Creating confidence moving forwards


  • Every service, I deliver on

  • Keep things simple and relevant 

  • Results focused 

  • Deliver on Promises