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Eight Group 

Here at Eight Group, we are so passionate about helping individuals and teams through evidence-based, sustainable coaching, wellbeing and training solutions. It’s our mission to help empower others and help them be at their best; feeling like their best self; creating a life and job by design, not just by default.

Find out more about our brand values and what we represent below:

What Do We Represnt

What does the Eight brand represent?

Simplicity is key. Whilst there is a lot of science behind what I do, I like to keep the solutions clear, simple and effective. This is reflective of our brand.

The Eight Brand represents my journey with my own personal growth and my passion to support businesses and individuals to transform and flourish.

Our name: The number eight is well-known to signify new beginnings. Through the services we deliver this could mean increased self-confidence, inner strength or self-belief, improved systems, processes, and training. 

Our logo: Around the world the butterfly represents endurance and change. This is reflective of our ethos to build resilience and increase courage, clarity and confidence in an ever changing environment. 

Put this altogether and you get the ‘Eight’ brand.

Eight Butterfly.png
Why Eight?

Why Eight?

A 360-approach is always adopted when working with clients. Wellness and learning being at the centre of everything we do. We see you as an individual and work with you and/or your team to get the best results. Not just results for now, but also for the future. 


Methods are kept simple and are always evidence based, which means it is not only effective, but also thorough and easy to understand. Whether this is coaching, wellbeing or training solutions, everything is about quality and achieving the desired results. 

Marks & Spencers Eight Group Testimonial.jpg

“We were incredibly impressed with Sarah's dedication to the objective and really appreciated Sarah bringing her expertise and perspective to the table” 

Jonny Jacobs
Finance Director

Logicalis Eight Group Testimonial.jpg

“Sarah did a great job creating a system training manual for our new global performance management software and exceeded my expectations” 

Justin Kearney
Group VP Human Resources

Tesco Eight Group Testimonial.jpg

“I worked with Sarah whilst introducing a new compliance process across the UK Business. She has a great can do attitude, clear thought process and great ability to create high standard of work with little direction"

Daniel Best
General Manager - UK Employment Compliance Manager

Thornbury Nursing Services Eight Group Testimonial.jpg

“When working on a specific engagement project together, Sarah was prolific at asking the right questions to make you come up with the answers and most definitely gets you to think inside and outside the box” 

Deborah Gemmell (Assoc CIPD)
National Training Manager 

What it's like to work with us...

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