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The project definitely exceeded my expectations.

Business Project:

We were asked to build an interactive training document to help improve the communication and understanding of the talent management system in addition to translating video training content into clear, written procedural steps, that could be understood across the global business.


Sarah spent time working with the Group Vice President – Human Resources, to better understand the existing system and what the deliverables were of the project. They then used their knowledge and experience in internal communication and talent development to translate the existing content into written format. An interactive document was created whereby the team could navigate at a click of the button to jump to the relevant section of the guide. Our Graphic Designer assisted in the design of the guide, which added to the professional finish, in-line with existing branding.


"Sarah did a great job creating a system training manual for our new global performance management software. She did a very timely professional job and definitely exceeded my expectations."

- Justin Kearney, Group VP Human Resources at Logicalis.

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