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“ We were incredibly impressed with Sarah's dedication to the objective and really appreciated Sarah bringing her expertise and perspective to the table" 

Business Project:

Based on feedback from the business, I was asked to work with and support the finance team with a project to design, deliver and improve health and wellbeing outcomes both short and longer term. The project involved working with key stakeholders such as the existing Health and Wellbeing team, Finance Director and the Senior Finance Manager to ensure the objectives were aligned to the business and team strategy, whilst also identifying areas for change and further improvement. 


As part of the project I designed a bespoke multidimensional tool to assess the existing health and wellbeing programme against the original objectives, using an innovative top down and bottom up approach. From this I then developed a cohesive framework; identifying what the business did well, as well as areas for improvement and where the most value could be added, based on feedback, statistical analysis and evidence based practice. Recommendations for the programme and the implementation of initiatives were designed taking a holistic prospective of the business; covering all levels of colleagues within the finance teams across the various locations and other departments such as HR, Marketing, Communications and Talent Development. 


"We worked with Sarah on a project designed to deliver improved health and wellbeing outcomes. Sarah stepped in to support the business on this key project, and we were incredibly impressed with Sarah's dedication to the objective and really appreciated Sarah bringing her expertise and perspective to the table. I look forward to working with Sarah again!"

- Jonny Jacobs (Finance Director)

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