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Eight Coaching for Personal Development is a long-established centre for wellness; creating happier and more satisfied individuals, teams, and communities. Our coaching programmes have been designed using a unique blend of approaches, to get to the root of any issues that our clients might be experiencing; helping build effective strategies and tools to maintain greater awareness, wellbeing, connection, and balance.


We offer a structured, but varied and individual approach, to help identify goals and support our clients to achieve them. Through our programmes our clients learn to take control of their own mental wellbeing, life, and happiness; helping navigate emotional and psychological challenges both now and in the future.

Our 121 Coaching Services are designed bespoke, based on evidence and can include a range of modalities such as NeuroLinguistic Programming (NLP), Psychology, Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy, Mindfulness and Stress Management. 

We can help with the following: 


  • Developing more effective relationships 

  • Reaching personal and professional potential 

  • Building confidence and self esteem 

  • Managing stress and anxiety

  • Developing work-based skills and competencies 

  • Increasing self-awareness 

  • Coaching for performance, promotion, personal development 

 If you would like to book in a 15-minute insight call to find out more, contact us here


Please note: All programmes include a 15 minute initial insight consultation, 1 hr weekly face to face coaching session, and priority phone/email support in-between sessions. The 8 week programme includes the world’s leading Strengths assessment tool plus a 360 feedback option (if appropriate).

*Costs exclude travel expenses for in person sessions and VAT

Image by Motoki Tonn

6 Week Coaching Programme: 

Its tough being a professional in an ever changing world. This programme can support people managers and team leaders with learning effective strategies and tools for managing stress and overwhelm and building more effective and fulfilling relationships with their teams and in their roles. 


Delivery is on an individual basis and incorporates a neuroscience, positive psychology, and mindful based approach.

Cost: £1,250 (6x 1hr sessions)

 *Costs exclude travel expenses for in person sessions and VAT

This is for you if: 

  • You want or your team leaders, managers or business leaders want to implement lasting strategies for improved personal wellbeing across your management team. 

  • You either want to personally build or help your team leaders, managers and business leaders achieve their personal and professional goals. 

Image by Hannah Busing

8 Week Coaching Programme: 


This 8 week programme includes a personalised Strengthscope report and coaching sessions(1.5 hours), in addition to 7 weeks of personalised coaching sessions. 


Delivery is on an individual basis. You can also opt to receive 360 feedback from your team, suppliers and other colleagues as part of this package. Great for personal and professional development for either new or existing team members and people managers.


Cost: £1,500 (1 x 1.5hr plus 7 x 1hr sessions)

*Costs exclude travel expenses for in person workshops, and VAT

This is for you if: 

  • You want to implement lasting strategies for improved personal wellbeing  

  • You want to personally or help your team leaders, managers, or business leaders build an effective toolkit and improved self awareness for the future, based on personal strengths. 

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“Great from start to finish! I felt you allowed the sessions to go at my pace. You were very easy to talk to, even when talking about difficult issues" 

Coaching Client - HR Manager 

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“Working with Sarah was a really positive and thought provoking experience for me. She immediately put me at ease, enabling me to unlock optimum results” 

Coaching Client - Head of HR 

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“I was able to be really honest about somethings I did not like admitting to myself. I would highly recommend Sarah and will continually use her where required"

Coaching Client - Operations Manager 

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“You have helped me more than you know. You taught me I was capable of anything and how to be more confident. I know I will still have my wobbles, but I now know how to cope better ” 

Hypnotherapy Client - Mum of Two 

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